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JazzrockTV #104 February 19th, 2016

We met Europe’s most important fusion band MEZZOFORTE for an interview and show. The Band also featured the special guests BRUNO MÜLLER on guitar and WOLFGANG HAFFNER on drums....

JazzrockTV #83 July 15th, 2014
The Electric Dog Allstars

The Electric Dog Allstars is a great Live Project of 4 amazing musicians: Axel Fischbacher (Guitar), Jürgen Dahmen (Fender Rhodes), Claus Fischer (Bass) and Steve Grant (Drums).

JazzrockTV #80 April 18th, 2014
Third Rail – George Whitty, Tom Brechtlein, Janek Gwizdala

Grammy-award winning keyboardist George Whitty, Tom Brechtlein and Janek Gwizdala are THIRD RAIL. These guys have been already worked with all the biggest names in music: The Brecker Brothers,...

JazzrockTV #69 October 25th, 2013
Steve Smith & Vital Information (Part #2)

Part #2 of JazzrockTV #69 see part #1 here: www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-69-steve-smith-vital-information-part-1We met Steve Smith with his band Vital Information featuring Tom Coster (keyboards with Carlos Santana), Baron Browne on...

JazzrockTV #69 October 12th, 2013
Steve Smith & Vital Information (Part #1)

Interview and show cuts with Steve Smith. Steve Smith is known as long time Drummer of the band Journey and was voted into the Modern Drummers Hall of Fame...

JazzrockTV #64 June 21st, 2013
MSM Schmidt

We had the amazing composer and producer Michael Schmidt (aka MSM Schmidt) in our Studio for an interview. We spoke about his projects and already 4 CD releases with...

JazzrockTV #61 February 15th, 2013

The Aristocrats are a rock/fusion instrumental trio featuring Guthrie Govan on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass, and Marco Minnemann on drums. We met this powerful trio for an...

JazzrockTV #53 September 14th, 2012
Poogie Bell Band

The Poogie Bell Band live in Cologne. We met the Band and had Poogie Bell, Michael Patches Stewart and Bobby Sparks for an interview. The Band performed an amazing...

JazzrockTV #31 May 11th, 2011
PSP – Philippe Saisse – Simon Phillips – Pino Palladino

We met the great PSP-Band in Vervier, Belgium. PSP played in the "Spirit of 66" and we captured some shots from the show and an interview.

JazzrockTV #29 April 16th, 2011
Billy Cobham

Anlässlich seines 5. Geburtstags präsentierte das Alte Pfandhaus in Köln eine kleine Konzertreihe mit Billy Cobham. Bei der “Billy Cobham Special Night II” kam es zu einer tollen Altes-Pfandhaus-All-Star-Besetzung,...
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