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JazzrockTV #104 February 19th, 2016

We met Europe’s most important fusion band MEZZOFORTE for an interview and show. The Band also featured the special guests BRUNO MÜLLER on guitar and WOLFGANG HAFFNER on drums....

JazzrockTV #103 December 13th, 2015
Christmas Episode 2015

Our Christmas Episode 2015 with a look back on the JazzrockTV episodes and activities in 2015. We also have a quick review of the new Christmas albums from Barbara...

JazzrockTV #102 October 30th, 2015

Checking new CD releases from The Booty Jive, Johannes Zetterberg and The Aristocrats.Look out for the Quiz in the episode to win cool stuff.

JazzrockTV #101 September 18th, 2015
MSM Schmidt – Utopia

Utopia is the amazing new release by MSM Schmidt. On his 5th album he collaborated again with Jimmy Haslip and Mitch Forman as Producers. Michael Schmidt visited us in...

JazzrockTV #100 August 14th, 2015
Die 100. Folge

Celebration of our episode #100. We invited some guests to our cozy studio and enjoyed a nice evening and some background stories from our 6 years of JazzrockTV.

JazzrockTV #99 August 2nd, 2015
Adam Nitti and more

Adam Nitti (Bassist, Composer and Producer) released his new album "Not Of This World". An amazing fusion album not only for bass players. It features remarkable drummers like Keith...

JazzrockTV #98 July 18th, 2015
Jarrod Lawson

Jarrod Lawson performed an outstanding show at Altes-Pfandhaus in Cologne. The singer, composer and piano player was touring through Europe with his Band 'The Good People'. Jarrod and his...

JazzrockTV #97 July 10th, 2015

Reviewing and listening new CD releases from Achim Seifert Project, Alberto Rigoni, Nick Vintskevich and Kal David Band.

JazzrockTV #96 June 26th, 2015
Kevin “Brandino” Brandon

Interview with the 7 times Grammy awarded Producer, Composer, Arranger, and Bassist Kevin "Brandino" Brandon. He talks about his passion, teaching bass, his roots and being a professional bass...

JazzrockTV #95 June 14th, 2015
Frank McComb

The Frank McComb Trio live in Bonn at the Pantheon Casino. We met Frank while his tour over Germany and Europe. His latest album (EP) just got released and...
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