10 Year Anniversary LIVE SHOW 2019

[ German Version ]

JazzrockTV celebrated the 10th Anniversary with a big LIVE SHOW at Pantheon Theater Bonn. A JazzrockTV episode live-on-stage with 3 outstanding Bands performing while the show.

The full recording of this JazzrockTV LIVE SHOW is available on MUXX.TV (the music television hosting the JazzrockTV TV-Channel). The live video stream of the entire event was made by MUXX.TV and is now available to watch on the MUXX.TV channels as well as on Youtube.

In the show, the JazzrockTV makers Georg Pilger & Ralf Schmitz not only present some anecdotes to 10 years of JazzrockTV, but also a lot of live music with some of the best musicians and bands of the region.

The band Sommerplatte enthusiastic the audience with “instrumental music for people who hate instrumental music” and the Rüdiger Baldauf Quartet presented songs from the brand new project “Strawberry Fields ” with the furious special guests Joo Kraus and Bruno Müller. And finally keyboardist and soul singer Yassmo’ performing with a top-class band animating the audience to dance.

“This was the best jazz event of the year in Bonn!”

“Please every year such a festival!”

“A unique celebration that motivated all musicians to achieve maximum performance”

“Actually I don’t like jazz, but this evening was a great experience”

Audience Voices

Copyright all Images: Sbyszek Lewandowski

Talk with Yassmo’ and Georg & Ralf
Hardy Fischötter
Igor Lazarev
Emanuel Stanley
Danh Thai
Bruno Müller
Rüdiger Baldauf Quartett feat. Joo Kraus & Bruno Müller
Thomas Heinz
Rüdiger Baldauf
Joo Kraus
Claus Fischer
Georg & Ralf with Rüdiger Baldauf
Pantheon Theater Bonn
Hanno Busch
Ralf & Georg
Florian Bungardt
Tobias Philippen
Marius Goldhammer
Georg & Ralf

Press coverage

10 Jahre JazzrockTV - Newspaper
Local newspaper (General-Anzeiger Bonn) coverage about JazzrockTV and the LIVE SHOW
Daily newspaper Cologne (Kölner Rundschau) reporting about JazzrockTV

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