JazzrockTV – ARCeology The Music of MSM Schmidt

June 15th, 2023

Interview with MSM Schmidt, Jimmy Haslip and Scott Kinsey about the recent album by ARC Trio and the John Daversa Big Band presenting the music of MSM Schmidt. For this huge project and album production the ARC Trio (Jimmy Haslip, Scott Kinsey and Gergö Borlai) joined forces with the GRAMMY Award-winning John Daversa Big Band on greatly expanded versions of Schmidt material, along with one of Kinsey’s compositions. The result is an outstanding big band fusion production which goes perfectly in line with the former MSM Schmidt releases.

MSM Schmidt, Jimmy Haslip and Scott Kinsey share interesting insights and stories about the production and development of the album. They also give some insights into the musical and recording challenges and the work with the great guest musicians like SEAMUS BLAKE (tenor saxophone), STEVE TAVAGLIONE (soprano saxophone), STEVE KHAN (acoustic & electric guitars), NGUYÊN LÊ (electric guitars), MIKE MILLER (electric guitars), OZ NOY (electric guitars), BRIAN AUGER (Hammond B3 organ), JUDD MILLER (EVI), MER SAL (vocals) and of course the involvement of the JOHN DAVERSA Big Band.

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