The Message

Released in 1999

The album was mentioned and played in a JazzrockTV episode. Check our this epiosde for the full coverage: JazzrockTV #63 New CDs, Grooves & Fun.
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Discogs Album Info:

: Cymande
1-1: Zion I
1-2: One More
1-3: Getting It Back
1-4: Listen
1-5: Rickshaw
1-6: Dove
1-7: Bra
1-8: The Message
1-9: Rastafarian Folk Song
: Second Time Round
1-10: Anthracite
1-11: Willy's Headache
1-12: Genevieve
1-13: Trevorgus
1-14: To You
1-15: For Baby Ooh
1-16: Fug
1-17: Crawshay
2-1: Bird
2-2: Them And Us
: Promised Heights
2-3: Pon De Dungle
2-4: Equatorial Forest
2-5: Brothers On The Slide
2-6: Changes
2-7: Breezeman
2-8: Promised Heights
2-9: Losin' Ground
2-10: Leavert
2-11: The Recluse
2-12: Sheshamani
: Bonus Tracks
2-13: Friends
2-14: Mighty Heavy Load
2-15: Our Love (Will Really Get Going)

Alto Saxophone: Derek Gibbs, Michael "Bami" Rose
Bass: Steve Scipio
Congas: Pablo Gonsales
Coordinator [Project]: John Reed, Will Nicol
Drums: Sam Kelly
Engineer: Alan Florence, Freddie Florence
Flute, Bongos: Michael "Bami" Rose
Guitar: Patrick Patterson
Liner Notes [April 1999]: John Schroeder, Malachi Trout
Mastered By: Giovanni Scatola
Producer: John Schroeder
Remastered By: Giovanni Scatola
Soprano Saxophone: Derek Gibbs
Tenor Saxophone: Peter Serreo
Vocals, Percussion: Joey Dee (2), Ray King


[m=84158]: Originally released 1972, original U.S. cat. no.: JANUS JLS 3044
[m=84161]: Originally released 1973, original U.S. cat. no.: JANUS JLS 3054
[m=84162]: Originally released 1974, original U.S. cat. no.: JANUS JXS 7004

Tracks 2-13 to 2-15 previously unreleased.

Made in E.U.

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