JazzrockTV #135 – Jam In The Basement – LORENZO DE FINTI QUARTET

April 6th, 2019

The LORENZO DE FINTI QUARTET performed an exclusive session at JazzrockTV on their European Tour 2019. The Italian group around pianist and composer Lorenzo De Finti creates a delightful musical atmosphere. Together with his co-producer and composer Stefano Dall’Ora on bass, Cuban trumpet player Gendrikson Mena and Marco Castiglioni on drums the band celebrate acoustic music with a huge bandwidth between lyrical ballads and powerful solos.

The quartet present their latest release “Love Unknown” and performed 3 original songs. As well some statements from the producers and composers how they developed the music.

Check out the artist Homepage for the band schedule:

Lorenzo De Finti – Piano
Stefano Dall’Ora – Bass
Gendrikson Mena – Trumpet
Marco Castiglioni – Drums