The Aristocrats

Tres Caballeros

Released in 2015

The album was mentioned and played in a JazzrockTV episode. Check our this epiosde for the full coverage: JazzrockTV #102 CD-Tipps.
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Discogs Album Info:

CD-1: Stupid 7
Composed By: Marco Minnemann

CD-2: Jack’s Back
Composed By: Guthrie Govan

CD-3: Texas Crazypants
Composed By: Bryan Beller

CD-4: ZZ Top
Composed By: Marco Minnemann

CD-5: Pig’s Day Off
Composed By: Guthrie Govan

CD-6: Smuggler’s Corridor
Composed By: Bryan Beller

CD-7: Pressure Relief
Composed By: Marco Minnemann

CD-8: The Kentucky Meat Shower
Composed By: Guthrie Govan

CD-9: Through The Flower
Composed By: Bryan Beller

DVD-1: The Legend of Tres Caballeros
DVD-2: Tres Caballeros Sitdown
DVD-3: ZZ Top alternative take
DVD-4: Pressure Relief take 1
DVD-5: Screw The Flowers
DVD-6: Pig’s Day On
DVD-7: Pressure Relief take 3 solo section
DVD-8: Pig’s Day Off demo
DVD-9: Texas Crazypants demo
DVD-10: Stupid 7 demo

Bass: Bryan Beller
Drums: Marco Minnemann
Guitar: Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann
Keyboards: Marco Minnemann
Piano: Bryan Beller
Vocals: Ben Thomas, Brendon Small, Bryan Beller


Third studio album by power fusion jazz rock trio. This is the Deluxe Edition with bonus DVD.

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