80’s Prog-Fusion by Cody Carpenter

February 15, 2018

First things first: This is a great piece of synthesizer driven Fusion-Prog music. The album is featuring Cody Carpenter on keyboards and guitar, Jimmy Haslip on bass, Scott Seiver and Virgil Donati on drums.

And secondly, yes, Cody is the son of famous movie director John Carpenter. He is influenced by the musicality his family and already collaborated with his father on multiple movie soundtracks and live performances, before he released “Interdependence” as his debut album.

The album contains great tracks that sound like a mix of Jan Hammer and Derek Sheridian who joined up to compose movie scores. Even it sounds pretty 80’s it kept a cool and groovy fusion vibe.

JazzrockTV track tips: “Jinrai Fuuretsu” and “Nebulous Is The Power”

Cody Carpenter’s Official Website: CodyCarpenterOfficial.com