SALAZH TRIO – Amazing new trio from the Netherlands

January 25, 2018

Our good JazzrockTV friend Jeroen Paul Thesseling release a new debut project. SALAZH TRIO is formed by Jeroen Paul Thesseling on bass, Hans Grotenbreg on keyboards and Grammy Award winning Cuban drummer/ percussionist Horacio ‘El Negro’ Hernández (ITALUBA, VOLCAN, GONZALO RUBALCABA, CARLOS SANTANA, ROY HARGROVE, ALEJANDRO SANZ, EDDIE PALMIERI, GIOVANNI HIDALGO, KAZUMI WATANABE, MICHEL CAMILO).

The trio plays a very colorful fusion where all instruments gets their deserved space. Very harmonic Rhodes and piano sounds, the unique 7 string fretless play of Jeroen Thesseling and grooving drum parts that perfectly extent the songs.

Don’t miss this fantastic collaboration of masters from Europe (Netherland).