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April 24, 2019

One of the main Newspapers of Cologne reported about JazzrockTV with a full half page image report. We are totally amazed to get so much and honored local attention for our channel.

Link to the newspaper article:

Here is an english translation of the article:

JazzrockTV from Cologne – Flaming passion from the cellar

Two music freaks who produce a show out of a cellar, where they talk about their favorite music, film concerts, discuss CDs and interview their idols. This is not only the background story of the 90s cult comedy “Wayne’s World” with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, but also describes the basic concept of the online video podcast JazzrockTV very well. And even if Ralf Schmitz and Georg Pilger did not have the films about Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar in their founding their project ten years ago in mind – we can laugh about this comparison. “There’s something in it,” agrees Schmitz. “Even though we are both a bit older than the two of them at the time.”

However, the flaming passion with which they approach their project and which they feel from the first moment when talking to them is identical. Instead of heavy metal, they are all about jazz rock. Even if they do not take that too seriously with the categories. “If we like something, we’ll do it. Then it can be a bit more rock or pop than jazz,” explains Pilger. “We’re more likely to be sitting in a hobby room than in an establishment,” adds Schmitz with a grin.

The idea arose shortly after the time together in the band in which they met. As a professional TV producer, Cologne-based Schmitz had watched the growing market of Internet television with excitement. “I said to myself that I should learn how to do that, and think about what I know. Cosmetics, hair styling and fashion were less likely, but music that fit” he says with a laugh. Shortly thereafter, he went to a concert by the French jazz musician Biréli Lagrène, to record this and just to interview him. Pilger, who lives in Bonn, was equally enthusiastic about the idea.

Just do it. With this slightly ingenuous approach, the two music fanatics were able to win quite a few scene sizes for a feature – Michael Landau or Omar Hakim, Bill Evans and Billy Cobham. In the meantime many musicians come to them, they say half proudly, half still incredulously. A highlight for both is the interview with Steve Lukather, when the guitarist of the US rock band Toto was for a concert in Cologne. After some negotiations, they finally got permission from the management for a quarter-hour interview. In the end, Lukather chatted with them 45 minutes and published the conversation on his own channels. “This is one of my heroes. I would never have thought that I would interview him” raves Pilger.

More than 130 episodes have been broadcasted to this day from their basement converted into a studio in Cologne. The episodes can be seen at irregular intervals, not only free of charge on their website, but also on popular online video portals such as YouTube, but also on cable television via MUXX.TV.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, Ralf Schmitz and Georg Pilger are inviting to the JazzrockTV Live Show on November 28th at 8 pm at the Pantheon Theater in Bonn. With performances of the Rüdiger Baldauf Own Style Band feat. Joo Kraus, the jazz-pop-fusion band Sommerplatte and the soul and funk formation Yassmo “& The Soulfisticated People. The evening is rounded off with talks, interviews and anecdotes. Tickets are available in advance for € 22.50.

Thanks to Kölnische Rundschau, Dominik Röltgen for the nice interview and photos.