Frank Woelfer

The Human Factor

Released in 2014

The album was mentioned and played in a JazzrockTV episode. Check our this epiosde for the full coverage: JazzrockTV #84 CDs, Funk & Vacation.
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Discogs Album Info:

1: Confidance
2: Forgiveness
3: Traction
4: Hubble (The Deep Fields)
5: Nightviews
6: People in Desperation
7: LHC
8: M With A Spacefactor
9: Like a Child
10: The Human Factor

Bass: Daniel Hopf
Composed By: Frank Woelfer
Drum Programming: Frank Woelfer
Drums: Fabian Koke
Guitar: Frank Woelfer
Keyboards: Frank Woelfer, Niklas Hauke
Producer: Frank Woelfer
Sound Designer: Frank Woelfer


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