JazzrockTV #69 Steve Smith & Vital Information (Part #2)

Episode issued on October 25th, 2013   3.587 Views 

Part #2 of JazzrockTV #69
see part #1 here: www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-69-steve-smith-vital-information-part-1

Interview and show cuts with Steve Smith. Steve Smith is known as long time Drummer of the band Journey and was voted into the Modern Drummers Hall of Fame s one of the Top24 Drummers of All Time. Smith featured himself on konnakol chops along with indian rhythms into his music and created his own specific style.

We met Steve with his band Vital Information featuring Tom Coster (keyboards with Carlos Santana), Baron Browne on bass and Vinny Valentino on guitar. Steve Smith and Vital Information recorded their first album in 1983 and released a Live DVD “One great Night” last year in 2012.

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