JazzrockTV #90 Warwick BASS CAMP 2014

February 8th, 2015

Framus - Warwick

The Warwick BASS CAMP 2014

We visited the Warwick BASS CAMP 2014. It was again an amazing event with lot’s of extraordinary bass players from all around the world.

Students from all over Europe attended 1 week in classes with world class bass teachers and some limited master-classes.

Professors and students joined a full week with classes, dinners, sessions, gigs and lot’s of fun. The Warwick BASS CAMP is building a great collaborative community of bass players.

See some clips from the Warwick OPEN DAY with MEET&GREET, Sessions and and interview with Ove Bosch (organizer of the Warwick BASS CAMP).

We met the following musicians for interviews, which will be presented in several upcoming JazzrockTV episodes: Robert Trujillo, Armand Sabal Lecco, Jonas Hellborg, David Ellefson, Gary Willis, Stuart Hamm, Lars Lehmann, Kevin “Brandino” Brandon, Bobby Vega, Adam Nitti.

Framus - Warwick