JazzrockTV #96 Kevin “Brandino” Brandon

Episode issued on June 26th, 2015   637 Views 

Kevin “Brandino” Brandon at the Warwick BASS CAMP 2014

Interview with the 7 times Grammy awarded Producer, Composer, Arranger, and Bassist Kevin “Brandino” Brandon. He talks about his passion, teaching bass, his roots and being a professional bass player.

We also have a sneak preview in his latest release “The Many Faces of Brandino” that was just released a few months ago and is a great momentum of Brandino’s outstanding performance on acoustic and electric bass.

Brandino is offering a time-limited promotion of his album including video and sheets for JazzrockTV viewers and BASS CAMP students:
Get the promotion here: http://www.brandinosoundbox.com/album-the-many-faces-of-brandino-

“Brandino is one of the few bassists who are equally proficient on both electric and acoustic. His new record shows off his skills wonderfully.” (Victor Wooten)

available at: BrandinoSoundBox.com


Framus - Warwick