JazzrockTV LIVE – Sebastiaan Cornelissen

October 16th, 2020

Great talk with dutch drummer/composer/producer SEBASTIAAN CORNELISSEN. Educated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam he worked as a session and live artist and already issued several amazing Fusion Albums.

Sebastiaan is also drummer and founding member of the Jazz-Funk-Soul Band TRISTAN which have been called by Steve Lukather as “The best of the seventies brought to 2018”.

In our relaxed Livestream-Episode we talked about his outstanding Fusion albums, including his latest release of an Allan Holdsworth Tribute and the current activities and recordings for the next Tristan Album.

He also shared a lot of personal insights about his musical career, life, composing approaches, a mindset for open minded musical creation and even his new profession of creating his own drums.

Sebastiaan Cornelissen Albums:

Tristan Band Website: