JazzrockTV #106 Miles Award Winners

March 11th, 2016

Interviews with Producer, Composer and MILES AWARD WINNER 2015 Michael MSM Schmidt and former 2014 winner Simon Oslender. Also previewing the upcoming debut release from PIMPY PANDA.

MSM Schmidt is a Composer and Producer from Bremen (Germany) collaborating with Top-Class Fusion Musicians like Jimmy Haslip, Mitchel Forman, Wolfgang Haffner, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Vinni Colaiuta, Simon Phillips and many more. He already produced 5 top-rated Fusion albums. He received a JazzrockTV MILES AWARD 2015.

Simon Oslender is 17 year old young talent and got awarded together with Jerome Cardynaals with the MILES AWARD in 2014. Simon Oslender is an amazing talent on Hammond B3 and already played with Dr. Lonnie Smith, WDR Big Band, Nils Landgren and many more. He is also member of the brand new Band PIMPY PANDA releasing their debut album in May 2016.

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