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July 15, 2018

New JazzrockTV episode released – KAMA Quartett with Interview and Live Session

JazzrockTV #128 KAMA Quartett The KAMA Quartett released an impressive tribute album in 2016. A love supreme by John Coltrane got interpreted with influences from Jazzrock and Rock. Additionally the band released a vinyl album in 2017 that have been recorded live. KAMA Quartett are Katharina Maschmeyer (Saxophone), Nils Pollheide (Guitar), Philipp Rüttgers (Keys), Jens […]

July 10, 2018

Duo Elevation – a new funky organ & drums duo debut

Dynamic organist David Ellington teams up with powerhouse drummer Chris Burroughs to form Duo Elevation with the release of their debut album, “Omar’s Lament”. Featuring six originals and two covers, this psychedelia hard-hitting album keeps the spirit of the 1970’s alive, fused with a modern-day funky edgy twist. Sometime it’s colorful soul and R&B instrumentals […]

June 30, 2018

Jamie Saft Quartett – New release “Blue Dream”

Multi instrumentalist, composer and keyboarder Jamie Saft present an outstanding album with his Jamie Saft Quartett. A collaboration with muscians he knew from other projects and actually forming a great and harmonic quartett. Playing Jamie’s compositions and standards the band reaches out from very open modal and free explorations to very melodical and open sounding […]

June 20, 2018

Snarky Puppy drummer LARNELL LEWIS released debut album

Drummer Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy) released his debut album “In The Moment” with powerful fusion and an ensemble of some of the best musicians from his home town Toronto. The album features the following lineup: Alexis Baro – Trumpet Robi Botos – Melodica, Piano Neil Brathwaite – Sax (Tenor) Rich Brown – Bass (Electric) Eddie […]

June 9, 2018


JazzrockTV #127 JAM IN THE BASEMENT LAZAREV PROJECT GROUP The Fusion Trio LAZAREV PROJECT GROUP with powerful and melodic music. Igor Lazarev (guitar), Christian Kussmann (bass) and Bernhard Spiess (drums) performed amazing tracks and presented the latest album SHINE YOUR LIGHT by IGOR LAZAREV. Guitarist Igor Lazarev formed a new trio performing powerful and melodic […]

May 21, 2018

New episode released – JazzrockTV #126 BRUNO MÜLLER

JazzrockTV #126 BRUNO MÜLLER Der Kölner BRUNO MÜLLER zählt zu Deutschlands besten Gitarristen und ist bereits ein alter Bekannter bei JazzrockTV. Zusammen mit den “Friends” Stephan Abel (Saxophon), Lutz Krajenski (Hammond B3) und Maze Meusel (Drums) präsentierte er sein Debut Album “Inner Back Home” im Alten Pfandhaus. Zudem besuchte Bruno uns wieder einmal im JazzrockTV […]

April 26, 2018

WorldService Project presents Punk-Jazz with grooves and horns

WorldService Project is a powerful punk-jazz-fusion featuring horns and cool grooves. It reminds on a mind-blowing fusion of early Chicago mixing with crazy Monty Python songs. Sometimes heavy grooving funk horn arrangements and then free and open sounds exploring the edge. Anyway a great open minded project exploring the edges of musical classifications. The album […]

April 21, 2018

New live Album TANGA ZOO Twilight Zone Live

Amazing live performance by the swiss masters that have been recorded in 2017. The band is formed by big names of the swiss Funk and Electric Jazz scene. TANGA ZOO are Andy Brugger (drums), Jean-Pierre Schaller (bass), André Kunz (guitar), Marc Jufer (saxophone), Kriz «Flew» Flueler (trumpet, synths & sounddesign). The band managed to get […]

March 30, 2018

New album by KAIT DUNTON – trioKAIT 2

Kait Dunton is a composer & pianist from Los Angeles. With the new album trioKAIT2 she expands her piano-bass-drums trio with vintage keyboards and sounds, but still keeping the unconventional spirit of the trio. The tracks are exploring sounds and moods using classic keyboards like the Fender Rhodes and the Wurlitzer electric piano and Kait […]

March 21, 2018

Intelligent and melodious Funk & Soul by GIZELLE SMITH

Ruthless Day is the second album by Gizelle Smith and it’s a great fusion of old school funk & soul pairing up with intelligent song arrangements on the edge to Neo-Soul. Her soulful voice perfectly matches to the funky side of the album. Gizelle Smith on Bandcamp:

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